Carpet Installation

After you've made the choice for your new carpeting, it is time to get ready for the installation. There are some minor things we need from you to ensure the installation goes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you have any questions about our carpet installation requirements or process, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also view cities where we provide carpet installation.

Pre Installation:

If your selected flooring is a stock item, your installation could be scheduled immediately. If your flooring is not a stock item, your project manager or our scheduler will contact you when your order is in and then schedule your installation.

Access to all areas being covered is needed. Please make sure that we can have easy uninterrupted access on the scheduled installation day.

Please have the temperature for all installation areas set to at least 70 degrees or warmer (the warmer the better for acclimation purposes) for 24 hours prior to and 24 hours after installation.

Pets we love, but please make sure that on the day of the installation, your pets are safe and secure.


We are not professional movers and hence we will be held harmless for any damages to your furniture. It is however your responsibility to remove linen off of beds, anything under beds, on closet floors, guns, safes knickknacks, all breakable items, electronics, valuables, anything personal or of sentimental value and any low hanging clothes. If you are moving all furniture yourself, the entire installation area must be emptied of all furniture and the closet areas must be free. GA Flooring, INC cannot move or be responsible for moving large items of furniture (e.g., piano’s, waterbeds, pool table, and grandfather clocks). We not touch nor move any guns, safes, electronics, anything that is personal or of sentimental value.

Appliance Removal

Appliances with direct water, gas or electric hookups must be disconnected by you prior to the installation.

Installation Day:

Our installers will arrive during the scheduled time slot and if your home is occupied, we will be done before 7 pm for the day unless your HOA rules state otherwise. Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon, all stairs are installed wall-to-wall and in “waterfall” style. Please discuss any special requests and charges for custom stairs prior to your installation.

Remove and Dispose

If you are removing and disposing your old flooring, it is also your responsibility to have the sub floor swept and free of any staples. If your new floor covering is going to be carpet, the old tack strips should be left attached. If we are removing and disposing the old flooring, then we will take care of what needs to be done.

Additional Work or Delays

Like all construction projects, during the course of installation, previously unforeseen problems may arise. In the event that additional work is necessary, additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon before we proceed.

We try by all means to complete each project on a timely basis but in construction, unforeseen problems may arise. In the event of any delays, you will be notified.

After the Installation:

What to Expect After Installation

During the flooring installation process some minor damage to baseboards and walls, including paint, can occur and may need to be touched up by you the homeowner. Also doors may need to be shaved in order to accommodate the thickness of new flooring.

Walk Through

Once the installation is completed, a final walk thru, with the installer, is required to ensure all work meets or exceeds your expectations.


New carpeting will contain loose fibers embedded in the body of the carpet. These fibers are not part of your actual carpet, but fiber tips sheared in the manufacturing process to achieve uniform pile height. Shedding will minimize over time with regular vacuuming.


An occasional "sprout" may be lifted above the surface of the pile caused by vacuuming, high heels or pets. Do not pull the tuft out, snip it with scissors to match the existing pile height.


Carpet rolls come in widths up to 15 feet. You can expect seams. The visibility of the seams depends on the texture and color of your carpeting as well as the lighting and furniture placement.

Filtration Soiling

After a period of weeks, months or years you may notice dark grayish lines around baseboards, under doors and along the edges of stairs. This is caused by dust, smog and other airborne pollutants that accumulate where concentrated airflow is directed over or through the carpet’s pile. This is a result of the environment and is not a defect in your carpet. While prevention is difficult this soiling can be minimized with regular vacuuming and by changing air filters regularly.

Buckling & Wrinkling

Various post – installation modifications can cause buckling or wrinkling in your carpeting such as:

  • Pulling up carpeting for wiring or floor squeaks.
  • Sliding or dragging heavy objects across the carpet.
  • Increase in temperature, humidity or improper wetting during cleaning.

If you notice buckling or wrinkling in your carpet please contact us even if it is after the one year labor warranty.


You must vacuum your carpets at least once a week and if you use a vacuum that has no pile height adjuster, your manufacturer’s warranty will be void. On a loop carpet, do not use your vacuum brush setting as this could cause your carpet to unravel.

Professional Cleaning

Be sure to have your new carpets professionally cleaned at least once in 15 months. This will not only extend the wear of your carpet, but is a must to uphold the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Please note that the use of a home carpet cleaner will VOID all manufacturer’s warranties.

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