Hardwood Installation

Now that you've chosen the perfect type of hardwood for your home, it is time to have it installed. Our team has been installing hardwood flooring in every type of home with every type of existing subflooring since 2006. This means we know how to approach every possible setup and ensure it is installed correctly and permanently.

There are a number of different methods to install hardwood flooring. They will generally depend on what type of subflooring is being used. Our team uses the following methods for each type of subfloor and will always choose the correct method for your specific situation.

Nail Down:

This method is used with the 3/4" solid hardwood on a ply-wood subfloor.

Staple Down:

With this method uses 1-2 inch staples and is used typically on hardwood that is about a ½ inch and again, to a ply-wood subfloor.

Glue Down:

This method requires glue / mastic and is typically used on a concrete slab although can also be used on a ply-wood sub floor.


With this method of installation, the floor is not attached to the subfloor. A thin pad is placed between the wood flooring and the subfloor. A recommended wood glue is applied in the tongue and groove of each plank to hold the planks together.

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